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About My Brilliant Mistake: We’ve all made them, and yet it’s scary to own up to them.  For writers like MBM personal fave Cheryl Strayed, mistakes form the bedrock of a highly  authentic search for artistic growth, personal strength, and meaning. The meaning and the writing go hand in hand.

MBM is an outlet to talk to our favorite writers about the intricate, fascinating and sometime scary routes to writing from this authentic place. We’re especially interested in inner, spiritual, emotional or physical journeys that aided some artistic transformation.

We run interviews and commentary on a regular basis every week or two. We’re also looking to weigh in on various issues and topics related to writing, especially in the realm of Creative Nonfiction (CNF) and other forms of “life writing.”

We look forward to including interviews with a wide variety of CNF writers—not just those working on memoirs and personal essays, but also authors of narrative nonfiction, literary journalism, biography etc.

Drop us a line in the form below about any of the content on this website or to suggest an interview. And keep coming back!

About the EditorPaul Zakrzewski is a writer, teacher and literary curator who specializes in helping others to shape life stories in essays and memoir. He edited Lost Tribe: Jewish Fiction from the Edge (Harper Perennial) and his essays, features and reviews have appeared in the New York TimesBoston Globe,Washington Post and elsewhere. He’s currently earning his MFA in Writing at the Vermont College of Fine Arts, where he is at work on an essay collection about second-generation Holocaust identity, secrets, and hiding. Watch a “digital story” based on this work. 

You can reach him via the form below.


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